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Great Ethiopia mosaic work with Dynasty Smalti

We'd like to share the largest smalti mosaic work with our Dynasty Smalti with you, here it is, it has used more than 9000kgs Dynasty Smalti, so welcome to contact us for large mosaic works.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

The BI LAN XUAN Studio is among the leading independent designers and manufacturers of architectural glass mosaic tile and related glass products in China. BI LAN XUAN specializes in the design and manufacturing of glass mosaic tile and kiln-cast textured glass for a wide range of applications in corporate, commercial, entertainment and residential environments world wide.

Continually expanding the boundaries and possibilities of glass mosaic tile for more than 10 years, BI LAN XUAN studio today can be connected with global networks to obtain its reputation for delivering the finest quality glass mosaic tile and services to valuable customers. The company is located in the world city Beijing China. BI LAN XUAN studio will continue to focus on new products development to meet with global standards and advanced designs.


Brown stripe glass mosaic

GS8D-04 Glass and stone mosaic

BLX-HP8D-004 Blue spray glass mosaic


Dynasty Smalti Mosaic

Traditional Smalti mosaic is from the molten glass, and made to a slab for cooling, and then cut by hand into rectangular pieces. The pieces are about 7x15x8mm or smaller and they aren't perfect rectangles. They are vary in thickness, shape, size and color. These natural variations in shape and color are exactly what make smalti the perfect mosaic material and allow the artist to create beautiful detailed images.

Dynasty created a new process to make antique smalti mosaic(Byzantine glass mosaic tile ) with more than 70% recycle glass and modern smalti mosaic are with 30% recycle glass, until now we have more than 400 colors and new colors are coming out every month. Antique smalti mosaic are special with soft colors and more near many national stone, Until now only Dynastic smalti has this type of smalti, suitable for making Byzantine design or renew anticque works.


Antique(recycle)smalti mosaic color board

Modern smalti mosaic color board

Smalti mosaic work -Madonna and Jessus


Real Gold Smalti Mosaic

No mosaic mural can be perfect without real gold smalti, and no church project or religion project has no real gold, so Dynasty Smalti created a new way to crated the 24K real gold mosaic, through the hot-melt process at high temperature. Our real gold smalti won't fall, change color, or fade at all, most of important it has a much more competitve price, so welcome to inquiry our 24K real gold smalti.

24K Real Gold Smalti


Stained Glass Panel for Window

Image incorporating the beauty and grandeur of a church's stained glass window into your home.  With stained glass window panels, you can get the beautiful colors and the classy look of stained glass windows.  You don't have to go for the grandeur of large panels or complex scenes.  Many stained glass window panels are small, and show scenes of flowers, landscapes, or abstract designs.  Stained glass panels are perfect for brightening up any home.

Stained Glass Panel for Window


Solid glass brick for building and decoration

Extraordinarily versatile and available in many aesthetically pleasing sizes and styles, glass block offers virtually limitless design possibilities. Glass block walls, partitions and windows combine the delicate beauty and light transmission of glass with the strength of glass block.

Clear glass brick with yellow cloudy

Clear glass brick with white cloudy

Solid Bubbling glass bricks


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